Sunday, 8 October 2017

Fraser Island

This was one of the coolest trips I've ever done. 26 people, 3 cars and 3 days without any phone reception for me.World Heritage listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world with rainforests, freshwater lakes and spectacular sand formations. The island stretches for 123 km and spans over 166,000 hectares. We did rainforest walks, visited fresh water lakes including Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby, climbed huge sand blows, explored the Maheno shipwreck and much more. We also spotted heaps of whales (due to the season) and dingos and other small and bigger animals from spiders to stingrays. One of my highlights was the free scenic flight some girls of my group and me got, as well as the 4WDing!!! During the nights we stayed on a campsite, had dinner, a big campfire and some drinks. The most amazing thing was the sky during the night. As there are no lights on the island we were able to see a clear sky and an absolutely beautiful moon rise. There were many, many shooting stars and star formations such as the milk way! Can I go back please??

Agnes Water and Town of 1770

Agnes Water is known for the cheapest surf lessons throughout Australia. Only $17 for about three hours. We spent about 30 to 45 minutes on the beach and did some exercises and after that we spent two hours in the ocean and tried to catch some waves. Our teacher was Grom, who opened up the surf school and he was amazing! I think everyone managed to stand up and we had a lot of fun. Our group existed of 13 people, which was a good size for one teacher.
Besides of surfing there is not much going on Agnes Water and 1770. Still these two little coastal towns are a little paradise. The nature is just amazing and 1770 is one of only three places on the East Coast where you can see the sun set over the water. We spent two nights on a camp site and really enjoyed the quietness and beauty in those places.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Kuranda - The Village in the Rainforest

Kuranda is a small town in North Queensland only 25 km out of Cairns. The town is also known as the Village in the Rainforest as it is surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest. And there is a local market in the town which attracts visitors seven days a week. You can buy unique souvenirs and gift items and other artistic stuff. People also come to admire the beautiful mighty Barron Falls and for the hike trails through the rainforest. You can also take a scenic railway drive in Kuranda with a beautiful old fashioned railway. I didn't take a lot of photos, but here are some shots for you.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays are 74 amazing islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. They are located on the beautiful tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. Among others one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located in the group of islands, the Whitehaven Beach. It was truly one of the most amazing trips I've ever done and we had an absolute blast. We went snorkeling about three times during the sailing trip and there were so many fishies around us, which was fascinating! We watched sunrises and sunsets, we did stargazing and saw lots of shooting stars. And I will never forget the beautiful sky with a million stars. I have never seen something like this before and I was so amazed that I had to cry haha. I am a bit too emotional sometimes... Anyway, here are some photos of the trip.

Whitehaven Beach

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The most stunning places in Australia

Man findet so viele wunderschöne Orte in Australien. Ich habe natürlich noch längst nicht alles von dem Kontinent gesehen, aber das was ich gesehen habe war alles auf seine eigene Weise atemberaubend schön. Die Natur ist echt der hammer. Es gibt überall tolle Strände, seltene Tiere, uralte Pflanzen, über 500 Naturparks und 15 Naturwunder, die zum Weltnaturerbe zählen. Australien ist einfach unheimlich vielfältig, von entspannten Metropolen bis zu unglaublichen Weiten im Outback gibt es einfach alles. Man muss es selbst erleben und sich von dem australischen Lebensgefühl und dem faszinierenden Kontinent in den Bann ziehen lassen. Hier sind meine bisherigen Lieblingsziele, die ich euch mit meinen persönlichen Eindrücken und Erfahrungen schildern kann.

One can discover heaps of stunning places in Australia. I haven't seen everything of this continent yet, but all I have seen was mind blowing in its own way. The nature is wicked. There are amazing beaches everywhere, rare animals, ancient plants, more than 500 national parks and 15 natural wonders, which belong to the World Heritage. Australia is a diverse country, from relaxed metropolises to incredible widths in the outback, everything exists. You have to experience it by yourself and get fascinated by the australian sense of living and the mesmerising continent. Here are my former favourite destinations, which I describe with my personal impressions and experiences.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Take me back to the Fiji Islands

Die Fidschi Inseln sind das Paradies schlechthin. Noch nie zuvor habe ich so etwas schönes in meinem Leben gesehen. Es war schon immer mein Traum auf die Fidschi Inseln zu reisen und nachdem ich ein Jahr in Australien verbracht hatte, wollte ich mir das nicht entgehen lassen. Der Flug von Perth über Sydney dorthin dauert immerhin nur 9 Stunden. Ich habe mir also Flüge gebucht und hatte vor die Inseln alleine zu erkunden, aber dann hat sich meine Freundin Montana spontan dazu entschieden mitzukommen.

The Fiji Islands are paradise on earth. Never had I seen something as beautiful as the Islands before in my whole life. It has always been my dream to travel to the Fiji Islands and after I had spent one year in Australia I took the chance to travel to the Islands. The flights from Perth take at least only 9 hours. So I booked my flights and was meant to go on my own, but my friend Montana spontaneously decided to join me.

Monday, 10 April 2017


Freo is located 30 minutes south from Perth and it's a major Australian port city and a cultural experience. The buildings from the 19th century are very well obtained and you will experience a lot of history about sea travel, prisoners and colonies. Freo has lots of markets, cool street cafes and heaps of bars where you can enjoy your day. The Western Australia Maritime Museum, the Fremantle Prison and the Roundhouse are must dos when in Fremantle for the first time and you're interested in history. I love the little stores and the galeries in Freo, they give the city a great charm. The nightlife is also very good. And I would definitely recommend to head to Freo when there's a cultural festival on, for example the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival or the Fremantle Festival.

Freo ist eine bedeutende Hafenstadt, welche sich etwa 30 Minuten südlich von Perth befindet. Außerdem ist die Stadt ein tolles Kulturerlebnis. Die Gebäude aus dem 19. Jahrhundert sind noch sehr gut erhalten und man kann eine Menge über Australiens Geschichte erfahren, insbesondere über Seefahrt, Gefangene und Kolonien. Freo hat außerdem echt viele Märkte, coole Straßencafés und hippe Bars zur Auswahl. Das Western Australia Maritime Museum, das Fremantle Prison und das Roundhouse muss man gesehen haben wenn man zum ersten Mal nach Fremantle kommt und sich für die Geschichte interessiert. Ich liebe die kleinen Geschäfte und Galerien in Freo, die geben der Stadt einen tollen Charme. Das Nachtleben dort ist auch richtig gut. Und ich würde definitiv empfehlen nach Fremantle zu gehen, wenn dort ein Kultur Festival stattfindet, z.B. das Fremantle International Street Arts Festival oder das Fremantle Festival.